Ed Driscoll

This is CNN

CNN airs George Zimmerman’s Social Security number this morning, which quickly goes viral amongst the crazed leftwing anti-Zimmerman lynch mob on Twitter:

As Twitchy reported, CNN showed George Zimmerman’s Social Security number and other personal identifying information live on-air. The sane wondered if there is a lawsuit in CNN’s future. Meanwhile, cretinous Twitter users rejoiced in the exposure of Zimmerman’s personal identifying information and are passing it around with glee.

Here’s a flashback to an Entertainment Weekly headline from last year, for one possible way this could play out for Time-Warner-CNN-HBO: “Spike Lee settles with elderly couple over misguided George Zimmerman tweet:”

An elderly couple has reached a settlement with Spike Lee after the pair said they had to leave their Florida home after the director help spread a Twitter posting listing their address as that of the man who shot an unarmed teen.

The couple’s attorney, Matt Morgan, announced the settlement Thursday. Morgan says Lee called them to apologize for retweeting their address. Specifics of the settlement weren’t disclosed.

Elaine and David McClain are in their 70s and say they have a son named William George Zimmerman, who lived in their Sanford area home in the mid-1990s. They say he is no relation to 28-year-old George Zimmerman, who killed 17-year-old Trayvon Martin on Feb. 26.

The killing has touched off widespread protests around the country and expressions of outrage — including from Lee and other celebrities — because Zimmerman was not arrested. The neighborhood watch volunteer has said he acted in self-defense.

Last night, Moe Lane explored another reason why CNN is in trouble. The BBC described the protests in Egypt yesterday as “the largest number in a political event in the history of mankind.” With optics such as these, if you’re running a “news” network that prides itself on its global reach, this is the story of the day, right?

Not for CNN; as Moe notes with screenshots, their Website’s homepage last night ran the headline “Gun Ownership in America,” to promote Morgan Spurlock’s new must-flee show on the network. The enormous Egyptian protests were placed in their headline round-up box underneath. And they’re not the first item. But, “not to worry: CNN does mention the protests,” Moe writes, “After they tell you about [yesterday’s] dead circus performer, of course,” along with the reminder that everything’s actually cool because “Kerry leaves Mideast with optimism,” according to another facepalm-worthy headline at the flailing network.