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Bold New Streaming Video Service Launched

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Welcome NSA Flix to the world of online video! Why bother with the old movies and network reruns of Netflix, when you can have the contents of the entire world delivered to your Roku Box or Web broswer? Signing up is a breeze: You’re already onboard — and paying for your subscription already!

(Via Gerard Van der Leun, who recently celebrated ten years in the Blogosphere at American Digest.)

By the way, you know really doesn’t like being spied on by the NSA? A nation still living down its dark “Progressive” past, when it spent most of the 20th century spying on its own citizens (leading to far worse horrors). Click over to Jim Geraghty’s Campaign Spot blog to see the protestors holding signs with Obama wearing headphones and the words, “Stasi 2.0: The change you did believe in.”  That is, back in 2008 when, as Jim writes, “Germans overcome with enthusiasm for the Democratic presidential nominee referred to their own country as ‘Obamaland.'” Hey, das uber-rubes!

“Stasi 2.0.” Dang, that’s going to leave a mark. Obama’s just lucky that these latest revelations broke after he gave his overhyped Brandenburg speech.

According to Der Spiegel, the NSA has been going through the phones, computers, and who knows what else of European Union officials. If European politicians were any angrier, they would be commenting on Daily Kos. They’re so mad, Islamic Rage Boy is telling them to calm down. Alec Baldwin is imploring them to not lose their temper.

Really, they’re ticked:

Senior European Union officials are outraged by revelations that the US spied on EU representations in Washington and New York. Some have called for a suspension of talks on the trans-Atlantic free trade agreement.

Europeans are furious. Revelations that the US intelligence service National Security Agency (NSA) targeted the European Union and several European countries with its far-reaching spying activities have led to angry reactions from several senior EU and German politicians.

Don’t miss the excerpt from Obama’s speech in Berlin from 2008 that Geraghty quotes at the conclusion of his post to really stick the rhetorical shiv in.

And then check out the Financial Times on “Obama and the crumbling of a liberal fantasy hero.”

Don’t say we didn’t try to warn you, fellas.