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Politico Politicizes Oklahoma Tornado

“At Least 91 Killed by Oklahoma Tornado, Politico ‘Reporter’ Rushes to Score Cheap Political Points,” blogger JammieWearingFool notes:

The scenes of destruction were unthinkable as this monster tornado swept up everything in its path, leaving twisted ruins and mounds of rubble. Yet as with all disasters, brave Americans rushed to the scene,  doing anything they could to help find the wounded. Such selflessness is instinctive, a goodness that lies in most people.

Sadly, punks like Politico “reporter” Glenn Thrush and a cadre of his fellow travelers aren’t most people. They’re simply evil. Bodies haven’t even been recovered and here this schmuck is looking to score some cheap political points at the expense of Oklahoma Senators Tom Coburn and James Inhofe. You see, Inhofe doesn’t buy the so-called “climate change” nonsense that has become a religion to the Thrushes of the world and Coburn dares to express the desire for accountability with government spending. So off to the races:


As JWF notes:

What the hell is a spending skeptic? Someone who doesn’t want to bankrupt the country? Well, golly, he deserves a natural disaster killing his constituents, including at least 24 schoolchildren. That ought to teach him. And that Inhofe, why he doesn’t buy the global warming scam. Forget the fact the planet isn’t warming, tornados have to be a result of climate change!

This isn’t the first time that a leftwing “journalist” attempted to use the aegis of the Politico to advance his own “global warming” agenda; recall this infamous run-in from early 2011 between professional climate alarmist Mark Hertsgaard, who claimed he was employed by the Politico, when he simply had contributed a few articles there as a freelancer, and Sen. Jim Inhofe. (Note that the California-based Hertsgaard must have flown across the country to ambush Inhofe, perhaps slaughtering countless polar bears in the process. Or at least making them cranky and wanting a nice hot cup of Ovaltine.)

How badly did the encounter with a doomsday environmentalist go for Inhofe? So badly that Inhofe himself uploaded the video of the encounter, and his pushback to his Senate webpage:

[jwplayer config=”pjmedia_eddriscoll” mediaid=”63735″]

The embarrassed Politico, already tainted by the JournoList scandal, then quickly disavowed any official connection with Hertsgaard, telling the Daily Caller that, “Mr. Hertsgaard is not a POLITICO reporter or employee and we have asked him not to portray himself as one.” But still, if the Politico takes his theories and Thrush’s activism, they should follow Ann Althouse’s advice on the topic:

3. Free time should be spent sitting or lying still without using electricity. Don’t run the television or music playing device. Reading, done by sunlight is the best way to pass free time. After dark, why not have a pleasant conversation with friends or family? Word games or board games should replace sports or video games.

4. Get up at sunrise. Don’t waste the natural light. Try never to turn on the electric lights in your house or workplace. Put compact fluorescent bulbs in all your light fixtures. The glow is so ugly that it will reduce the temptation to turn them on.

5. Restrict your use of transportation. Do not assume that walking or biking is less productive of carbon emissions than using a highly efficient small car. Do not go anywhere you don’t have to go. When there is no food in the house to make dinner, instead of hopping in the car to go to the grocery store or a restaurant, take it as a cue to fast. As noted above, your weight should be at the low end of normal, and opportunities to reach or stay there should be greeted with a happy spirit.

And of course, set an example for the rest of us, and shut down your own Website. If you actually believe that “global warming” is so severe that we must all rearrange our lives, and you’re not simply trying to score cheap political points, what makes your use of air-conditioned server farms and their environmental impact so special?

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