Ed Driscoll

The Ghetto of Inconvenient Truth

“By the way, does everyone remember the full text of Hillary Clinton’s infamous quote?”, John Hayward asks at the Breitbart.com group blog:

“Was it because of a protest, or was it because of guys out for a walk one night and decided they’d go kill some Americans?  At this point, what difference does it make?”

Well, after today’s testimony, it’s clear that Hillary Clinton knew it was neither a protest, nor guys out for a walk with their droogies, looking for a bit of the old ultraviolence after a night of partying at the milk bar.  She was still lying through her teeth when she had her little “what difference does it make?” outburst, still pretending that when she quite literally had the 2 AM phone call she talked about in her campaign against Obama, the planned and organized nature of the attack was not made clear to her.  If American voters knew about that 2 AM phone call the day after the attack, things could have gotten very tense for the Obama re-election effort.  I doubt Hillary would have been willing to quietly resign in disgrace to save Obama’s bacon.  The 24 and 72-hour cycles after a politically dangerous event are crucial.

Now Obama and Clinton just need their media buddies to exile these new hearings to the ghetto of truth for a few news cycles, until the subject can be changed again.

Still though, it will be fun in 2016 watching the left Memory Hole not just Hillary’s incompetence and lying during Benghazi, but their Progracist demonization of both Hillary and Bill during the 2007/2008 campaign.

Roll over George Orwell, and tell Saul Alinsky the news:

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