Ed Driscoll

Sacramento Bee Mocks Texas Explosion Victims

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You stay classy, SacBee. As Moe Lane writes, “I See That Jack Ohman Draws Stuff One-Handed…Personally, if that’s what it would take me to achieve an erection, I’d rather be impotent.”

Some background on Ohman from Sodahead.com:

Disturbing, sickening and downright ghoulish, another Liberal Democrats comes forward to gloat over dead bodies. This time its Jack Ohman at the Sacramento Bee.

Ohman worked as a political aide for the Minnesota Democratic Farmer Labor Party (DFL) during his high school years in Minnesota. At age 17, Ohman worked at the Minnesota Daily, the student newspaper of the University of Minnesota. At age 19, Ohman was the youngest cartoonist ever to be nationally syndicated.[2] His first daily newspaper job was at The Columbus Dispatch, where he was hired in 1981. He then moved to the Detroit Free Press in 1982, and went to The Oregonian in 1983.

Twitchy adds, “Texans — and anyone with an ounce of decency — are disgusted by the cartoon which depicts Perry standing next a ‘Low Regs’ flag as he watches the explosion. It’s never too soon for Ohman and his ilk to bathe in the blood of the dead.”