Ed Driscoll

Two WaPos in One!

“Gas prices are on a mysterious climb”

— Headline at the Washington Post, yesterday.

Congress should enact a steep, inflation-indexed hike in gas taxes, one big enough to alter consumer incentives and habits permanently. This would take back some of the de facto economic stimulus consumers have received from the recent drop in gas prices, and it would be a hard sell politically. But surely voters can understand that, even if Congress were to triple the tax to 55.2 cents, gas would still be cheaper, in real terms, than it was in 2005. The increase could be rebated through the income tax system.

Whenever anyone mentions the gas tax, politicians are quick to warn their constituents about the costs; rarely do they mention the benefits. A higher gas tax would buy valuable public goods: national security; a cleaner environment; and safer, less congested streets. No matter what, Americans will have to pay for all of that. Why not do it the simple, straightforward way?

“Start Making Sense,” editorial by the Washington Post, December 8th, 2008. (NBC, the New York Times, and later the Politico would concur.)

And as John Nolte writes at Big Journalism:

Hot Air’s Ed Morrissey helps to clear up the “Washington Post’s” confusion over the startling 45 cent rise in gas prices in a single month. What’s also of interest, though, is a word found nowhere in the “Post’s”  750-worder; and that word is “Obama.” Not once does the “Post” question, examine, or consider how  White House policies or lack of policy might be exploding the price of a gallon of gas.

Why, it’s almost as if Obama has called for higher energy prices himself…