“Great news: Obama shot a skeet once, or something,” Ed Morrissey writes, linking to the photo currently atop the Drudge Report, which the White House released to prove that, as Matt Drudge exclaims, “Barry Gets His Gun!” *


(You’ll shoot your eye out, kid!)

As Ed adds, “I’ve done plenty of target shooting, but I’ve never gone skeet shooting. Nor is that the reason why most gun owners want their rights respected.  The publication of the photo, and especially the defensive attitude of Obama’s advisers, speaks volumes about their insecurity on the gun-rights issue.”

Exactly. Coming after the presidential campaign, it’s a little late, but it’s Obama’s “Can I get me a hunting license here” pander.

To quote from the leitmotif of another family-favorite movie, it’s also yet another example of the Obama administration shouting “Squirrel!” In other words, “It’s a distraction for a few more days when we should be talking about the economy,” David Webb adds at “The Conversation,” Breitbart.com’s new group blog:

You are easily goaded into the wrong argument while Obama runs out the political clock. Post it on facebook and twitter like I did with a sarcastic remark then move back to the economy and other real issues.

This should receive no major media play.


Indeed. But if it does, it should receive some pushback, along the lines of Ben Shapiro’s response to CNN’s Morton Downey Morgan, when Morgan mentioned that former President Reagan once supported a gun control measure near the very end of his public life:


* Dalton Trumbo and/or Irving Berlin could not be reached for comment. But Dug the Dog could:

Update: Previous great moments in leftists pandering with guns in photo-ops.

More: Gentlemen, start your Photoshops!


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