Scandal-Plagued Steve Capus Out as NBC News President

“Steve Capus, the president of NBC News, is leaving, he said in a memo to the network’s staff,” the Huffington Post reports. As far as they’re concerned, he did a swell job:


Capus presided over a relatively stable time at NBC News. It remained, for most of his tenure, the top-rated news network on television, though in the last year “Today” has fallen behind its competitors and “Meet the Press” has seen its ratings squeezed. NBC News also weathered the death of Tim Russert while Capus was in charge.

Only the truth and NBC’s reputation were squandered during Capus’ regime, as John Nolte writes at Big Journalism:

For months now, Breitbart News has made  Steve Capus the poster boy of the ongoing scandals and instances of editorial fraud that occurred under his watch as NBC News president. During his tenure, no fewer than the equivalent of five RatherGates happened; and after two , three, and four of these incidents, it became glaringly apparent that Capus was the problem. Today, action was finally taken. Capus is no longer with NBC News.

Whether Capus resigned or was forced out because someone on the NBC board finally decided his moral illiteracy needed to come to an end, doesn’t matter. What matters is that a management style that either encouraged this fraud or was helpless to stop it, is out.

It is worth noting, though, that just six-months ago, Capus signed a long-term deal with NBC News to remain as its president.

But the only real question is, why did it take this long.

The rap sheet against Capus isn’t troubling, surprising, or even disturbing — it is breathtaking:


Read the whole thing. As John writes, “it is no coincidence that every single one of these incidents aided [and] abetted Obama directly or whatever his agenda was at the time.”


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