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MSNBC Anchors Dumps on CNBC Anchor

As Greg Hengler writes at Townhall: "Anchor Unknowingly Labels NBC Colleague 'Not A Very Trustworthy Source:'"

MSNBC's Alex Wagner was caught with her bleeding heart in the cookie jar today when she ripped CNBC co-anchor Andrew Ross Sorkin of "Squawk Box" for daring to say that the Obama economy has been not so good.

Her reaction after being called out is priceless.

"I'm kidding," Wagner quickly adds. Play that botched joke defense!

Before being called out on the NBC connection, was Wagner trying to be sarcastic? Sort of like Katie Couric saying, "that Walter Cronkite -- not a very trustworthy source, you know!" Or is she trying to position herself as much further to the left of an NBC colleague's who's also a New York Times contributor? (I guess based on her Wikipedia profile, the answer is the latter.)