Ed Driscoll

Consensus Formed

“Journalism is dead and buried in West,” the Iranian propaganda outlet Press TV reports. (Link safe, goes to the Weekly Standard):

Over the past six weeks, we have had hundreds of new bloggers and “media pundits,” most anonymous, none with qualification, none with verifiable bios, almost all with childishly obvious agendas that carry clear signs of “handlers.” None, however, have attributable sources, real access to inside information.

“They” have one purpose, to gut the impact and credibility of real independent journalism and to “water down” real work, flooding every “in box” with smears, rumors and utter insanity.

Journalism is dead, not wounded, not damaged; its corpse has long rotted away. The process began when the “pop culture media” began relying on press releases and fat paychecks rather than investigative journalism.

It’s more than a little scary when the take from the Iranian PR office makes more sense than the Obama PR office, our own MSM. (See also: Current iteration of Pravda.) Meanwhile, as spotted by Twitchy, “Bam! Kirsten Powers blasts Obama’s Fox-bashing and likens ‘60 Minutes’ interview to ‘state-run media.’”