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I have a lengthy article at the PJ Lifestyle blog on the books that I would love to see in the Kindle (and/or Nook) format. It’s also a pretty good insight into my own rather idiosyncratic interests, given that these are all books listed are titles I’ve enjoyed for one reason or another over the last 25 years or so.


Obviously, I’m hoping that perhaps Amazon, and/or the book publishers will come across the piece, and get cracking in getting some of these titles ported into ebooks. On one level, it’s a long shot of course, but perhaps this is a good omen: while I was assembling the list of books for the article, I discovered one of the titles I had planned to include is now finally available for the Kindle: Thomas Hibbs’ Shows About Nothing, his trenchant and insightful look into modern Hollywood’s passionate love affair with nihilism. For my podcast interview with Hibbs from early last year, when the latest edition of his book appeared in dead tree format, click here.

As I said, this is my personal and very idiosyncratic list.  If there are books you’d like to see in the Kindle format, click over and add them in the comments.


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