Breaking News: Harry Reid Is Weird

But the Dingy One’s reputation may finally be catching up with him, Rd. Brewer writes at Ace of Spades:

Reid lacks empathy. That explains his habit of saying asinine things: You’re my favorite big woman. Obama is a light-skinned African American with no Negro dialect. Romney hasn’t paid taxes in ten years. Gillibrand is the hottest senator. Hurricane Katrina was nothing compared to Sandy. When you objectify people like that, they don’t have feelings of their own, so you can’t hurt them. You couldn’t hurt a rock either, for example.

DrewM noticed the weirdness a few years ago. Reid had called Clarence Thomas an embarrassment, and he had referred to Ted Kennedy and Robert Byrd as the greatest living Americans:

Asked to name “a greatest living American” most of us would name a person who is objectively “living” and an “American”, the greatness being a bit more open to interpretation. Harry on the other hand goes with two guys who are dead…Ted Kennedy and Robert Byrd.Call me crazy but I don’t think a guy who got liquored up and killed a woman or a man who rose up the ranks of the Klu Klux Klan should be on anyone’s list of “greatest American”, living or dead.

Just remember though…Sharron Angle is an idiot who can’t be let near the Senate. And according the Mensa member Harry Reid, Clarence Thomas is “an embarrassment to the Supreme Court“.


Hey, whatever his many and varied malapropisms, Harry is ultimately just a folksy, Cowboy Poetry-loving fella who deeply loves the American People:


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