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Newspaper Publishes Map of Texas Gun Owners


But the real-world fallout from the New York State Journal News' insane decision continues to multiply: "Inmates Use Newspaper's Gun Map to Threaten Guards."

Presumably, from the point of the view of some of the more zealous members of the Journal News editorial bullpen, it's two-for, then.

(Via Doug Powers.)

Update: Lest you think the above mapmaker is kidding, "Reminder to Criminals of All Kinds: Just About Everyone in Texas May Own, and in Fact May Be Carrying, a Gun," Lone Star State resident Bryan Preston writes at the PJ Tatler.

And at least judging from my visits there, all things considered, it really is a remarkably polite state.

More: "How about this map, Journal News? Awesome pic shows map of criminals with guns."