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Les Obamarables

Breitbart.com's Larry O'Connor dubs Les Misérables' "A Fitting Lesson For The Age Of Obama:"

The groundbreaking new film adaptation of the Broadway musical "Les Misérables" features desperate people suffering under soul-shattering unemployment, naive university students decrying the rich and stoking the flames of socialist revolution, unyielding government official interested not in right and wrong but in following his government's rules and one heroic individual who follows his faith in God to guide him from one success to another all the while truly helping others by using his own private wealth rather than through the ineffective and neglectful government.

In short, it is the perfect allegory for Americans living in the Age of Obama.

Curious that America got two cinematic retellings of the horrors of the French Revolution this year, both co-starring Anne Hathaway -- despite her fervent support for Mr. Obama. (See also: the liberal British actors who railed against socialism's horrors in 1984.) But then, the Lou Grant rule really does apply to just about every actor in Hollywood, doesn't it?