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Interview: Jim Geraghty on the 2012 Presidential Election

On Saturday, the last day of the National Review Cruise this past week, Jim Geraghty of NRO’s Campaign Spot blog, dropped by for an in-depth discussion of the 2012 presidential election. During this wide-ranging 18-minute interview, recorded poolside in the “Monte Carlo” cabana of the MS Nieuw Amsterdam as she sailed back to Fort Lauderdale, FL, Jim discussed:


● Did Mitt Romney outperform the Republican brand in 2012?
● Are Republicans in danger of being branded the Mean Party to their detriment?
● How much did Romney’s 47 Percent remark hurt his chances?
● How the election came down to less than 450,000 votes.
● What is the relationship between culture and politics?
● Where does the Tea Party go next?
● And much more.

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