Ed Driscoll

No, That's Not Creepy At All

Hey, remember when writing on your hand was something that only Rightwing Neocon Deathbeast Rethuglicans like Sarah Palin did, and were mocked by the Obama administration and its supporters for doing so? Evidently, they’re now totally cool with idea. Particularly if it involves candy and white panel vans. Or as Ace writes, “There’s only one joke here with a couple of dozen variations. We are all thinking exactly the same thing, and what we’re thinking is: One day we will find his cache of Clown Paintings.”

The Meme Generator is already working overtime, Jim Treacher is having a Photoshop contest, but I wanted to see what Messina’s fellow Obama campaign official Robert Gibbs had to say, since he’s something an expert critic on political hand-writing: