Ed Driscoll

Ooh, That Smell

Malcolm Muggeridge to the red courtesy phone, please. You’re needed to remind people that reality eventually catches up to even the most skilled satirists:

SAM DONALDSON (Kevin Nealon): But isn’t it true that during one of the peace demonstrations you burned an American flag in Red Square?

BILL CLINTON (Phil Hartman): I tried to burn an American flag once. I didn’t like it. It gave off toxic fumes, so I didn’t inhale.

Saturday Night Live, “Debate ’92,” October 10th, 1992.

Around 10,000 people [in Pakistan] participated in the main rally organised on The Mall by the Tehreek Hurmat-i-Rasool. The participants marched from Nila Gumbad to Masjid-i-Shuhada on The Mall. Despite a ban on rallies on The Mall, the road remained blocked for vehicular traffic from noon to 6 pm. …

One of the participants of the rally, Abdullah Ismail, passed away after he was taken to Mayo Hospital. Witnesses said he had complained of feeling unwell from the smoke from US flags burnt at the rally.

“Flag-burning militant chokes to death on fumes” — the Washington Times, today.