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Two Politicos In One

"Record-high Labor Day gasoline prices greet Democrats in Charlotte," the Politico reports today:

Democrats arrived in Charlotte on Monday to an ill-timed reminder of one of the issues plaguing President Barack Obama’s reelection bid: high gasoline prices.

"Plaguing?" You use that word -- I do not think it means what you think it means, to coin a phrase. Why would Obama be "plagued" by the one economic promise made by himself, his associates, and his enablers in the media in 2008 that he's manage to keep?

Or to put it another way, "Actually, it would be better if energy prices went up because we need to develop alternative sources," former Newsweek editor turned Politico contributor Evan Thomas said on PBS's Inside Washington late last month.

Related: As Muggeridge's Law posits, there is no way that a satirist can keep up with real life for its pure absurdity -- especially when the hair shirt environmental left is involved.