Ed Driscoll

Talking Points; You're Regurgitating Them Wrong

We’ve truly entered the Bizarro World when Wolf Blitzer of Wright-Free Zone-building, Obama cake-baking CNN is congratulated by conservative talker Guy Benson as a “relentless, responsible journalist,” under the headline, “Brutal: CNN Torches DWS on Medicare Falsehoods:” 

Poor Debbie.  She’s totally out-gunned and has nowhere to hide.  Her talking points are pitifully hollow and cannot withstand even basic questioning.  She stubbornly rejects the (correct) premise that the Romney/Ryan Medicare reform plan exempts everyone over the age of 54 and plays fast and loose with numbers — conflating 55 and 65 on several occasions.  When she is brow-beaten into finally acknowledging — if not admitting — the truth around the 3:45 mark, she quickly realizes her “mistake” and reverts back into denialism.  When Blitzer asks her to specify exactly how current or soon-to-be seniors would be impacted by the GOP plan, she cannot.  Because they’re not.  The Left is intellectually bankrupt on this subject.  They despise the bipartisan solution Republicans have offered, but they have no alternative of their own.  Dear Democrats, Medicare is slated to go bankrupt in 2024.  You say it’s wrong for future seniors to be denied Medicare as it currently exists.  Okay, what’s your plan, guys?  We know that your actions have already cut Medicare to pay for part of Obamacare.  We already know that Obamacare establishes a government panel to ration care for the elderly.  The 2024 deadline is still coming.  Again, what’s your plan, Democrats?  Mr. President?  Anyone?

Also from the Bizarro World: Newsbusters’ Kyle Drennen writes, “Shock: NBC’s Lauer Uses Obama’s Own Words to Knock Down Attacks on Ryan.”

Fortunately for the sake of the media landscape as we know it, USA Today, describing hecklers charging the stage while Paul Ryan was speaking as “spirited,” (as Iowahawk quipped on Twitter, Timothy McVeigh would be “spunky,” from USA Today’s warped point of view) are still in leftwing cheering mode today.