Byron York: Romney Goes Bold with Ryan as Veep

In the Washington Examiner, York writes:

Romney’s gamble is that in the midst of an economic downturn, voters are ready to accept Ryan’s prescription for fixing the federal budget, in particular his proposals for reforming Medicare.  Romney and Ryan are right that major changes need to be made, and at some point the voting public will accept that view, too.  That day is coming.  The question is whether it will arrive by November 6.

Of course Team Obama says it is delighted with Romney’s choice, because they believe they can destroy Ryan’s plan, and in the process the Romney-Ryan candidacy.  And it seems likely that at the very least choosing Ryan has made winning Florida a little harder for Romney — and if Romney doesn’t win Florida, he doesn’t become president.  What Democrats are overlooking is that Ryan is a truly formidable figure.  He not only knows his stuff, he is able to communicate his ideas in a persuasive and appealing way.  There’s a very good chance voters will like him.  Democrats love to portray Republicans as angry.  They won’t be able to do that with Ryan, who doesn’t give off even a hint of anger.


At Big Journalism, Dana Loesch writes that Ryan can push back handily against…Big Journalism, and has compiled several clips of him in action. As Dana writes, “Congressman Ryan rejects media narratives, he doesn’t give a false narrative the courtesy of pretending it’s true in order to answer a question.”

Romney’s choice isn’t playing nearly as well at CNN though, the favorite network of dictators, plagiarists and airport departure lounge managers everywhere.

Update: “Great Pick, Mitt. But Don’t Get Cocky!”


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