It's Different When We Do It

As spotted by Jim Hoft,  two Gray Ladies in one!

The news that Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton’s motorcade was pelted with shoes and tomatoes by Egyptian protesters, who also taunted her by chanting “Monica! Monica!” as she left the U.S. consulate in Alexandria on Sunday, delighted conservative bloggers in the United States.


— The New York Times, yesterday.

A day after an Iraqi television journalist threw his shoes at President Bush at a news conference in Baghdad on Sunday, his act of defiance toward the American commander-in-chief reverberated throughout Iraq and across the Arab world.


In Syria, he was hailed as a hero. In Libya, he was given an award for courage.

Across much of the Arab world on Monday, the shoe-throwing incident generated front page headlines and continuing television news coverage. A thinly veiled glee could be discerned in much of the reporting…

— The New York Times, December 16, 2008.

At the Corner, Mark Steyn quotes this item on one of Obama’s chief campaign bunglers bundlers:

One of Obama’s top campaign financiers – Jonathan Lavine – is also managing director at Bain, bundling between $100,000 and $200,000 in contributions for the 2012 Obama Victory Fund, according to estimates released by the Obama campaign.

“That’s Different, He’s Our Vampire,” Mark quips in response.


And Ann Althouse quotes John McCain, flashing back to the 2004 presidential campaign:

“If you’re married to a very wealthy billionaire should you be revealing her tax returns?”

“I don’t recall that happening with the Kerry campaign.”

“Liberals need to stop trying to get us to call them ‘progressives’ or whatever word it is this week,” Kathy Shaidle recently wrote. “They should just get brutally honest with themselves and with the rest of us and rename themselves the ‘It’s Different When We Do It’ Party.”


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