Ed Driscoll

Obama Asserts Executive Privilege

Well, nice of him to finally own Fast and Furious, eh? Bryan Preston begins a long, regularly updated post at the Tatler with this:

Ahead of today’s expected House committee vote to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of Congress for failing to comply with its Fast and Furious subpoena, the attorney general has requested that the White House assert executive privilege over those documents. Moments ago, the White House approved executive privilege over those documents. The documents covered by the executive privilege are those related to the February 2011 Justice letter to Congress regarding Fast and Furious, later rescinded due to numerous factual inaccuracies, along with the 90% of subpoenaed documents that Holder has failed to turn over.

This move now draws the White House directly into Fast and Furious. It may not prevent the House from moving forward with the contempt vote for Holder.

In not reporting this, how will the MSM attempt to spin the story? At 10:15 AM eastern, I had the following headline in my inbox from CNN’s PR people: “Rep. Cummings: Holder contempt hearing likely, vote will be on party lines; effort ‘to embarrass the President.'”

More on that here. But can President Choom / Slurpee / Bitter Clingers/Typical White Person, colleague of Ayers/Wright/Rezko actually be embarrassed about something?

And since Roger L. Simon recently wrote an Obama as Nixon post, and Ace and Drudge have their Obama as Nixon photoshops up, I figured I’d add mine, originally created last October.

And speaking of Drudge, he has numerous links to this story:

More as it comes in.

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Update: “Holder Retracts Claim Bush Attorney General Mukasey Knew About Fast And Furious…”