What's Worse than Phoning It In?

A president who emails it in:

President Barack Obama followed up his tweet in support of Mayor Tom Barrett's efforts to unseat Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker today with a blast email to Wisconsin email lists beloning [sic] to his campaign and the Democratic National Committee.

The British comedy team of Peter Cook and Dudley Moore once had a sketch with this routine in the middle of it:

Cook: Do you remember that, the Second World War?

Moore: Certainly, yes.

Cook: Ghastly business.

Moore: Oh yes.

Cook: Absolutely ghastly business.

Moore: Yes, indeed…

Cook: I was completely against it.

Moore: Well, I think we all were.

Cook: Yes, but I wrote a letter.

As Ed Morrissey writes, "An e-mail blast won’t convince anyone to run down to their polling station and cast a ballot for Barrett at this late stage who hadn’t already planned to do so, and a Barrett loss will now get linked to Obama directly.  It’s a lose-lose proposition, which means that Obama must have felt compelled to do something to deal with rising anger over his inaction on behalf of the recall."

In contrast to the president's email and tweet, PJM has wall to wall coverage of Wisconsin; start here and just keep clicking, and drop by the Tatler for updates throughout the day and night.