Ed Driscoll

And the Hits Just Keep On Coming, Part I

Back in April, I mentioned how Obama went from the colossus who bestrode America in the eyes of the Washington Post in 2008 to his ever-shrinking status today amongst the paper’s writers and editors:

Poor Barack Obama — his stock just keeps falling at the Washington Post. In 2008, the late Deborah Howell, then their ombudswoman, admitted at the end of the election year that she and her paper was deeply in the tank for Obama. In early 2009, the cover of Newsweek, back before the Post sold it for a buck, was triumphantly claiming “We Are All Socialists Now.” By 2011, liberal journalists at the Post were writing off the president as first a “moderate Republican,” and then “the conservative in 2012.”

You can track the first three years of Obama’s ever-shrinking stature at the Post in an item I wrote in late 2011.

Yesterday, Obama’s next moment of Postal-induced shrinkage occurred, via an article that claims that Obama (who went into office compared with the most legendary presidents of the last 150 years) wasn’t big enough for the job; he should have split it with John McCain.

But perhaps the Post has saved their greatest indignity for Mr. Obama until this past weekend: “Still waiting for our first black president,” an opinion piece there is titled. As Greg Pollowitz notes at NRO’s Media Blog, it’s written by “Fredrick Harris, professor of political science and the director of the Institute for Research in African-American Studies at Columbia University.” As Pollowitz goes on to add, “Sheesh. Pretty soon African-American voters are going to ask for Obama’s birth certificate.”