Ed Driscoll

Quotes of the Day

Axelrod is a charter member of Obama’s Chicago mafia, the man behind the curtain, and to send him out where he could be humiliated was a dreadful blunder. What, Bill Clinton wasn’t available? Oh, wait . . .

But that’s the difference between strategy and tactics. The Romney camp has already shown itself to be an adept counter-puncher, but now seems to be moving toward a more aggressive, offensive posture. Yesterday was a series of Doolittle Raids, to test the enemy’s reactions.

— Michael Walsh, ‘Solyndra, Solyndra.’

Bill Clinton is just the most recent heavyweight Democrat and Obama surrogate to criticize the campaign’s talking points. More than a dozen Democrats have already done that, and of the ones who haven’t, who looks like a good, reliable spokesman for Obama? Nancy Pelosi? Joe Biden? Jim Clyburn? Who can he use?

So Ax had to do the job himself, and he stunk at it. That’s why he’s a consultant, and not a candidate. That’s also part of the reason we’re seeing Obama headline six campaign events in a single day, even when bad news ought to keep him in Washington. He came to DC without many friends, and he may be on his way out of DC with even fewer friends.

— Bryan Preston, at the Tatler.

“I thought we were going to see John McCain all over again,” said Brad Thor, a bestselling novelist and popular figure on the right who supported Santorum. “But you know what? That fire I’ve felt for previous candidates, I’m starting to feel it. And that surprise presser at Solyndra was like pouring accelerant on the fire.”

Thor said when he heard about the Solyndra stunt, he cheered aloud: “Way to go Mitt!”

“My God, this is right out of Breitbart’s playbook. I love it!” he said. “I swear to God, if he roller skates into the DNC convention, or hijacks an Obama press conference — if he does either one of those I’m going to give my kid’s college money to his Super PAC.”

“Mitt Romney Wins Over The Right By Confronting Obama,” at Journolist-tainted Buzzfeed.

“We are now seeing a very different race from the one Obama or the Washington cognoscenti ever anticipated. Things can change very quickly but Mitt Romney has just become the 2012 front-runner.”

— Toby Harnden, the London Daily Mail.