Ed Driscoll

'Where are the Conservatives in Hollywood?'

The new Acculturated Website asked me to write a short article with my thoughts on how those on the right side of the aisle can succeed in Hollywood: shorter answer: tell great stories, aim to entertain first, and bury your message in the subtext, just as Hollywood liberals did before the demise of the Hays Office in the mid-1960s.

Longer answer? Click on over to read.

And if you missed it, tune in to my interview with the late Andrew Breitbart from back in 2005, fresh off co-writing Hollywood, Interrupted, for his own thoughts on this topic, which are very much simpatico with the above-linked article.

Update: Andrew’s Big Hollywood site links to my Acculturated article. The second comment to their post from an enlightened “liberal” articulating his nuanced tolerance for ideological diversity is a classic.