Ed Driscoll

Obama's 'Rendezvous with Scarcity' versus Romney's 'Policy of Abundance'

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Back in February of 2009, at the very beginning of the Obama administration, I said at the conclusion of one of my Silicon Graffiti videos:

The American economy is remarkably resilient. It survived a depression in FDR’s 1930s, and it survived double-digit inflation, unemployment and interest rates in the last years of Jimmy Carter’s 1970s. But there’s only so much more abuse and top-down control it can take before it reaches overload.

You and I have a rendezvous with scarcity—a destiny that for some is already here—and for the rest of us may be arriving all-too soon—because a surprisingly wide swatch of the country wants just that.

Contrast the rendezvous with scarcity that Obama forced upon us with this:

Why is energy such a high-level issue this year?,” said Harold Hamm, the CEO of Continental Resources and chairman of Romney’s energy policy advisory team, on Thursday. “It is pretty simple: because of the failure of Obama’s energy policy.”

The billionaire Hamm, whose company is a major player in North Dakota’s booming Bakken oil formation, is also a major donor to the Romney effort. Hamm this year gave $985,000 to Restore Our Future, the super-PAC supporting Romney’s presidential campaign.He said Obama’s policies aimed at developing renewable energy are based on a false notion of oil and natural-gas “scarcity” that has been overtaken by the U.S. production boom.

“Romney has a policy of abundance; the other one is one of scarcity,” Hamm said.

As Jazz Shaw writes at Hot Air, “In the American west: An ocean of oil.” Despite that, “This past weekend, Gas prices in Los Angeles County were the highest they’ve ever been on Memorial Day.”

And that’s just the way that Obama and the MSM want it — provided the rise was gradual enough.

Or at least that’s just the way one version of Obama wants it. His ego and teleprompter are both large; they contains multiples.