Ed Driscoll

What a Difference a Year Makes

At Ace of Spades, “One year ago today, we were all minding our own business and looking forward to a nice, relaxing Memorial Day weekend. Then all hell broke loose:”

It started late on Friday night, when people started getting wind of a story at Breitbart’s about New York Congressman and liberal attack terrier Anthony Weiner tweeting a picture of his member of congress to a young woman. Over the weekend, the story started picking up steam both on Twitter and the blogs, and our humble Head Ewok joined the fray.

I’m not positive Ace slept for about a week after that, but he and a few others (notably Andrew Breitbart, Patterico and Lee Stranahan) kept on the story until the mainstream media had no choice but to finally cover it.

The rest, as they say, is history. Along with Anthony Weiner’s congressional career.

Flash-forward to today: “Elizabeth Warren: We’ve Seen This Movie Before.”

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