Ed Driscoll

Ciao, Pow Wow Frau, Says Elizabeth Warren's Dem Primary Opponent

“Democratic opponent criticizes Elizabeth Warren’s response on Native American issue,” The Boston Globe reports:

For nearly three weeks, Scott Brown’s campaign has been battering Elizabeth Warren for listing herself as a Native American on a legal directory and then being billed as a minority law professor at Harvard University.

Now, Warren has a Democratic critic, too.

Warren’s primary opponent, Marisa DeFranco, who is trying to raise her profile in the race, is arguing that voters should be concerned about Warren’s “lack of a clear, consistent message” in response to the Native American controversy.

“I’m not sure what her answer is because it’s been so various,” DeFranco said today.

DeFranco said that, in general, it is commendable for universities to trumpet their hiring of minority professors. But she questioned why Harvard listed Warren as a minority.

“Come on, you have to look like a person of color,” she said. “You actually have to be a person of color.”

In 2012? Get real, Marisa: