Mitt Goes for the Capillary, NBC Goes for the Jugular

Mitt Romney, serving up some red, red meat to endear himself to weary conservative Republicans.

No, don’t be silly. Between now and November, Mitt’s going to go for the capillary every time:


Yesterday, Mitt Romney said he’s “not going to say outrageous things about the president.” Trouble with that statement is that “outrageous” is a pretty subjective adjective. Outrageous to whom? Apparently, Romney meant to say he’s not going to say anything about the president that would outrage the left — because he doesn’t seem to be afraid to say something about the president that would outrage the right. In fact, he did just that earlier today, when he essentially said the president shouldn’t be held responsible for the high price of gas.

“I think people recognize that the president can’t precisely set the price at the pump,” Romney said in an interview on CNBC.

Oh, Romney, you’re right technically — but don’t you realize that precisely setting the price at the pump is also precisely what Obama longs to do? He wants to set the price of gas not so as to alleviate the burden on American consumers but so as to make his favored forms of energy more economically appealing to them.

As Michael Walsh writes at the Corner:

Rich, you have nailed it re the necessity of defeating Barack Obama this fall. But how to do it? Despite Romney’s wins yesterday, there’s still a so-what air about his candidacy; he’s like one of those seat-warmers at the Oscars who slips into the vacancies so as to give the continuing illusion of a packed house. He’s a passionless candidate with a passionless following at a time that positively demands passion in order to counter the great Axelrod Media Machine, the wholly owned subsidiary of the Democratic party and its functioning propaganda arm.


And as a reward for laying off on Obama on an NBC spin-off network, he’s attacked by a sneering Tom Brokaw — the elder statesman of NBC and champion of “objective journalism” — over at another NBC spin-off network, MSNBC, where General Electric’s spokesmen feel they can safely go and let their hair (or toupees) down and display their biases for all to see, far away from the dwindling pool of elderly viewers who still watch parent NBC’s news shows.

And Chris Matthews adds:

Liberal MSNBC host Christ Matthews, who has spent the last several days berating Rush Limbaugh for using inappropriate words, on Wednesday mocked the young crowds at Mitt Romney’s rallies, comparing them to brainwashed “North Korean” “zombies.”

Talking to fellow MSNBC journalist Chuck Todd, Matthews spewed, “…Who are these featureless young people waving those placards? I mean, are they, are they androids?… They are all exactly in unison. Is this North Korea? Who are these people?”

Wait, is a comparison to North Korea a good or a bad thing at MSNBC?

Finally, Clarice Feldman asks at the Tatler, “Where Are Andrea Mitchell, Brian Williams and Tom Brokaw’s Apologies for Their Colleagues’ Misogynistic Rants?”


Umm… checking watching…checking… OK, how ’bout, never? Spotting RFK Jr. smearing Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-OK) as a “call girl” for Big Oil, Glenn Reynolds responds, writes that the rules of the game are simple and easy to understand: “Call Republicans whatever you want, then go all have you no decency??? if Republicans dare return the favor.”


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