#Occupyfail: Stop Making Fricking Sense

Member of mostly peaceful Occupy Newfoundland accused of stabbing 22-year old woman; “Occupy NL movement shocked by charges,” the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation reports, in an article written by Claude Rains’ Louis Renault character from Casablanca:


David Harrington, 19, was calm as he was led into court. Harrington will remain in custody until he enters a plea later this month.

He is charged with stabbing a woman as she walked to her job at McDonald’s on Torbay Road.

Harrington is a familiar face to many in the downtown. He has no fixed address, and recently spent time in Harbourside Park, with the Occupy NL movement.

“Absolutely surprised, because from what I know of Dave, this is not something Dave would do — he has no reason to be up into the east end,” Canning told CBC News. “It doesn’t make fricking sense.”

Nice epitaph for the entire Occupy movement, which has had plenty of violence swirling about it. I’m sure all of this is purely a coincidence.

(Via the Corner.)

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