Ed Driscoll

Andrea Mitchell's Bitter Clingers Moment

C’mon Andrea — NBC lets you drop by the set of MSNBC from time to time, so you don’t say things on the NBC Nightly News such as this:

NBC’s Andrea Mitchell on New Year’s Day made it clear to Nightly News viewers that her Obama-loving network will continue using the race card to assist the current White House resident’s reelection.

In a brief segment about Iowa, Mitchell said “the rap” on the Hawkeye state is that “it doesn’t represent the rest of the country — too white, too evangelical, too rural.”

Barack Obama’s Bitter Clingers remark, captured on video by an all-too-rare enterprising Huffington Post contributor while the presidential candidate was speaking to an elite group of fellow members of the far left at a San Francisco fundraiser in April of 2008 was perhaps his ultimate Kinsleyesque gaffe in 2008. It helped to further illuminate his elitist worldview, trashing religious moderate Pennsylvania Democrats (moderate in the sense that they supported Hillary over Obama) during a period when he was cynically trying to use religious rhetoric to advance his campaign. As Mark Steyn wrote in his recent book After America, Obama “subsequently ‘apologized’ for his remarks by explaining that “I said something everybody knows is true:”

Well, maybe at a swank Dem fundraiser in California—and, if that’s not “everybody,” who is? This was an even more revealing remark than the original bitter-clingers crack. It deserves to be as celebrated as the famous response to the 1972 election results by a bewildered Pauline Kael, doyenne of the New Yorker, that nobody she knew voted for Nixon. Just as “everybody” knows “we can’t just keep driving our SUVs, eating whatever we want, keeping our homes at 72 degrees,” so nobody we know voted for Nixon and everybody we know agrees that those crackers are embittered fundamentalist gun-nut bigots. Oh, c’mon, I said something everybody knows is true.

Does Andrea Mitchell qualify as “everybody?” Presumably, when she wanders over to the set of MSNBC, she’s looked as providing balance — beltway establishment old left, as opposed those on the channel who have openly expressed their socialist worldviews on the air or are legendary racial agitators. But she certainly sounds in perfect agreement with Mr. Obama’s punitive view of the America that exists outside the confines of Hyde Park, San Francisco and the Hamptons.

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