Ed Driscoll

The EU Tackles the Continent's Most Pressing Issues

“Prunes are not a laxative, EU rules:”

It comes after the organisation was mocked last month a ruling that led to a ban on claims that drinking water can prevent dehydration.

Despite a long held belief that prunes, traditionally served with custard, are good for improving bowel function, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has ruled this is not the case.

Its experts said there was “insufficient” evidence of a link between the dried plums and normal bowel function after looking at three studies of prune consumption.

Sir Graham Watson MEP has now challenged an EU Commissioner to a prune-eating contest after his food safety committee ruled that prunes do not have a laxative effect.

And there you have it. Europe at the peak of its influence? Men challenged each other to duels with swords or pistols. In the early decades of a new millennium (though nobody’s left in Europe who remembers what those things were originally calculated from) Nietzsche’s proverbial Last Men are now challenging each other to laxative duels, even as the EU itself slowly circles the drain.

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