Ed Driscoll

The First Draft of the First Draft of History


Time magazine names “The Protester” as its “Person of the Year” for 2011:

The selection was announced Wednesday on NBC’s “Today” show.

The magazine cited dissent across the Middle East that has spread to Europe and the United States, and says these protesters are reshaping global politics.

Last year, Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg got the honor.

AP claims, “Time said it is recognizing protesters because they are ‘redefining people power’ around the world.”

Of course, “people power” isn’t the same as freedom, individuality, or advancing civilization, as we’ve seen in both the Middle East and OWS.

Not to mention the other similarity between the Arab Spring and OWS.

Jammie Wearing Fools adds:

Guys who crap on the street are reshaping global politics? Really?

“There was a lot of consensus among our people,” Stengel told the TODAY anchors as he revealed the magazine’s cover. “It felt right.”

Doesn’t mean it is right. But that’s how it is with these lefty propagandists. As long as it feels right, then it’s OK.

Remember back when Tea Partiers were protesting a lot? Back then they were a threat to democracy or something.

Well, they were — and are — a threat to democracy as Thomas Friedman, President Obama and Time-Warner-CNN define it.

Still though, while the image that Time created for their cover is striking, if ultimately misleading, I’m kind of sorry they wimped out on the first draft of their cover. One of the original goals of Time founder Henry Luce back in the ’20s and ’30s was to use striking photos to tell a story graphically. This really sums up things much better, in my opinion:

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