Ed Driscoll

"Corzine: I May Not 'Testify Accurately'"

Jon Corzine may be going the “depends on the definition of ‘is'” route — or maybe the Chewbacca Defense — to get through his testimony to Congress today. Seth Mendel of Commentary source of the headline above, writes that Cozine, “has decided to present himself as a mensch who is doing the country a favor by testifying.” He links to a Washington Post article titled  “Jon Corzine to tell House panel he doesn’t know where customers’ money went,” which notes that the former Democrat governor of New Jersey “hedges his testimony by saying he had too little time to prepare for the hearing and only limited access to records ‘essential to my being able to testify accurately.'”

Mendel responds:

The former statement is risible; the latter unbelievable. Is Corzine to be lauded for answering questions? Perhaps he thinks so. But to recap: Corzine made risky investments in European bonds as the continent sank toward insolvency and after he was warned by executives at MF Global about the risks; he used his influence with federal regulators to get them to back off on instituting rules that would have prevented Corzine’s activities and protected his investors from his recklessness; and several hundred million dollars of investor cash went missing, prompting an investigation into whether Corzine covered his firm’s bad bets with other people’s money.

It’s a “‘Progressives’ Gone Wild” double feature in Congress today; Eric Holder is concurrently dissembling Fast & Furious and his role in it.

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