What We Really Need is Anti-Corporate Anarchy, With Our 'Organizers and the Law Team' Writing Our Demands

Past performance is no guarantee of future results:

“‘This Is Revolution Not Reform’ — Occupy Wall Street Organizer to ‘Excited’ Al Sharpton: We Are Anarchists and Revolutionaries”


Headline at The Blaze, on Monday.

“The opponents of this movement are using the demands posted in this forum as the official lists. And some of these lists regardless of how right or wrong are extreme points of view and will only hurt our cause by making us look like extremist nut jobs. You don’t speak for everyone in this. Stop creating public demand lists, delete demands threads. Let the organizers and the law team working for them do this.”

Occupy Wall Street homepage today. (Link safe; goes to Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit.)

Anarchy — you keep using that word. I do not think it means…No, actually, you’re using absolutely spot-on, even if you don’t know it. Or as Rob Crawford, an Insta-reader noted back in March, during the first round of London Riots, “The modern anarchists are just the far-left’s muscle. Look at when and where they show up, who they march with and for, and how carefully the press ignores them and their acts.”


Or worse, cheers them on.

(Headline inspired by the frequent rejoinder from Kate of Canada’s Small Dead Animals’ blog to the original Arab Spring: “What We Really Need Is Democracy. With a totalitarian party to vote for.” Which, truth be told, the Occupy Wall Street gang would be pretty cool with themselves. But then, Liberal Fascism really is the new black, to coin a phrase.)


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