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That's It, I'm Reporting This to AttackWatch

“Incompetence: Obama Even Loses the Name of His Jobs Bill,” Warner Todd Huston reports:

Texas Representative Louis Gohmert is a genius. He’s absconded with the name of Obama’s jobs bill — the American Jobs Act of 2011 –and used it for his own tax-cutting bill.

Is it a Republican dirty trick? How can Gohmert do this? Because Obama is either incompetent or cynical.

Here is the thing, either Obama was never serious about this so-called jobs bill in the first place and never intended to submit it, or he is one of the most inept politicians in presidential history.

If Obama were an effective president Rep. Gohmert would never have been able to appropriate Obama’s bill name for his own. If Obama was effective he’d have crafted his jobs bill, delivered his speech that night, and lined up at least one Democrat, if not the whole Democrat Party, to introduce his bill the very next morning after the speech.

But Obama did no such thing. Not only was there no bill when he delivered the speech, even this many days after the speech the bill has never been introduced in the House of Representatives where such bills must begin the legislative process.

That means that there was no bill called the “American Jobs Act of 2011,” so Rep. Gohmert was under no compulsion not to use it as a name for his own bill.

This also prevents Obama from using the name for his own bill because submitting competing bills using the same name is forbidden by House rules.


And speaking of AttackWatch, Ace writes, “Oh No: Washington Post Headline, ‘Attack Watch, new Obama campaign site to ‘fight smears,’ becomes laughing stock of the Internet:'”

Why do I say “oh no”?

Two reasons. Every once in a while Obama fails so badly that I start to feel sympathy for him. He’s in over his head. I don’t think he was really even running for president in 2008 — I think he expected Hillary to win. He was just getting his name out there for 2012 or 2016.

I think this all comes as a rough shock to him.

And I am starting to get worried that he may also be in over his head psychologically. It’s a bad thing if a President is actually teetering on the edge, isn’t it?

I’ve gotten a tip from someone that the Gawker story is not bullshit; that the Times reporters really were working that depression angle.

The other reason for the “oh no” is that if AttackWatch is officially a laughingstock, that means they’re going to pull it.

We’ll always have this to remember it by, though. Say it with me…Atttttttacccccck Waaaaaaaatch:

Bryan Preston is worried that the president — who’s so lonely these days that he’s inviting random supporters out to dinner  just to relieve the tension and relive the glory days* — is about to go into full Fatal Attraction mode.

* Does Michelle know?

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