A Choice, Not an Echo

Rick Perry is in. And in contrast to the exhausted, 80-year old top down command and control worldview of the President Obama, John Podhoretz spots a telling quote from Perry:


“I will work every day to make Washington, DC as inconsquential in your life as I can,” says Rick Perry​ as he announces for president. Well, there it is. The 2012 race in a nutshell—”America is not broken. Washington D.C. is broken,” as Perry said, in contrast to Barack Obama​’s continuing insistence that government must somehow lead the way out of the economic doldrums with infrastructure banks and payroll tax cuts and extending unemployment insurance. If the dividing line between Republicans and Democrats is that Democrats want, in some sense, to direct America from Washington, Republicans believe the United States should not be directed, and should instead be managed as close to the citizenry as possible.

Podhoretz adds that Perry “may soon occupy an unprecedented position in the imagination of liberals and the Left—perhaps the most frightening specter of anti-liberalism since Ronald Reagan​ precisely because he is electable.”

Soon? It’s already started. I hope Perry’s ready to have President Obama and the MSM, the president’s self-described “non-official campaign” staff throw everything they can at him for the next year.


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