Ed Driscoll

Good News: Van Jones Will Fix America

What could go wrong?

The basic premise of the campaign is that America isn’t broke, it’s merely imbalanced. In order to stabilize the economy, politicians should make substantial investments in infrastructure, energy, education and the social safety net, tax the rich, end the wars, and create a wider revenue base through job creation.

“Many of our best workers are sitting idle, while the work of rebuilding America goes undone,” reads one bullet point* of the Contract. “Together, we must rebuild our country, reinvest in our people and jump-start the industries of the future. Millions of jobless Americans would love the opportunity to become working, tax-paying members of their communities again. We have a jobs crisis, not a deficit crisis.”


The man’s gotta be hiding that stash somewhere.

* Bullet point? I thought that sort of language was verboten in The Era of New Civility.

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