Another Rube Self-Identifies

Robert Reich on “The Empty Bully Pulpit” (link safe, goes to the Brothers Judd):

Barack Obama is one of the most intelligent and eloquent people to grace the White House, which makes his abject failure to tell the story of our era all the more disappointing. Many who were drawn to him in 2008 were dazzled by the power of his words — his speech at the 2004 Democratic convention, his autobiography and subsequent policy book, his insights about race and other divisive issues during the campaign — and were excited by the prospect of an “educator in chief” who would use the bully pulpit to explain what has happened to the United States in recent decades and to mobilize Americans to do what must be done.

But the man who has occupied the Oval Office since January 2009 is someone entirely different — a man seemingly without a compass, a tactician who veers rightward one day and leftward the next, an inside-the-Beltway deal-maker who does not explain his compromises in light of larger goals.


Given Reich’s own issues with honesty when crafting an autobiography, no wonder he was suckered in by the presumably ghost-written words ( just words) by the man who would be president.


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