Ed Driscoll

'Hamas Declares War on…Male Hairstylists'

As Rightchick writes, “Hey flotilla supporters — this is what you are supporting:”

The BBC and others have reported that Hamas has arrested a man in Gaza for styling a woman’s hair. This incident follows a law enacted last year which prohibits the practice as contrary to Sharia law.

The unfortunate Gazan in question is not the first to be targeted for this “crime”. In February, five other male hairstylists in Gaza were similarly arrested, and were required to agree to an affidavit renouncing their work.

This development signals just one more step in Hamas’ drive to create an increasingly Taliban-like environment in the Gaza Strip, rooted in its own radical interpretation of Islam. Since taking power of Gaza in its 2007 coup, Hamas has instituted “modesty patrols”, shut down bars and theatres, banned lingerie displays, and prohibited women from riding in cars with unrelated men and smoking hookahs in public.


Mayor Bloomberg is pretty cool with that last item. But where does Hamas stand on tanning beds? Smoking in the Roots Club? And is there a decent beauty or tanning salon at this Gaza Mall?

It’s a good thing Ricky Pule established his final tonsorial redoubt atop Mount Everest back in the early ’70s. He’s going to need it.

Update: Sissy Willis tweets,  “It’s the hair rays, stupid!” And the Rhetorican adds, “Maybe They Thought That Zohan Flick Was A Documentary.” That wouldn’t be the first time something like that has happened to radical Islamists.

(H/T: SDA)

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