Ed Driscoll

Out of the Mouths of Tiny Mummies

At the Ashbrook Center, William Voegeli writes:

The New Yorker’s John Cassidy sets out to sneer at Michelle Bachmann in the course of taking her seriously.  At one point, elucidating the similarities between her campaign and Nazi Germany, he writes, “Bachmann’s America has its own values . . . and its own version of history–one light on facts and heavy on Apocalypticism. ‘Americans agree that our country is in peril today and we must act with urgency to save it,’ Bachmann said in Waterloo, Iowa, the town of her birth. And she went on: ‘My voice is part of a movement to take back our country, and now I want to take that voice to the White House.’ From National Socialism [ahem–Ed] to Poujadism to the Tea Party, the suggestion that the motherland needs reclaiming from alien forces has been central to populist right-wing movements.”

In arguing that the country is in peril, and requires a movement to reclaim it, Bachmann joins an impressive list of other apocalyptic neo-Nazis:


Read the whole thing — and then check out out these additional radical right wingers also looking to “Take Back America.”

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