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Mister, We've Got a Man Like Jimmy Carter Again

And yes, I know, that’s the best-case scenario. Be that as it may, now is the time at Ed Driscoll.com when we juxtapose:

Found via Clarice Feldman at the Tatler, here’s Jennifer Rubin at the Washington Post today, noting that “Obama double downs at AIPAC:”

Obama must be very certain that liberal Jews will enthusiastically support him no matter what. And there is evidence he is right. Josh Block, senior fellow at the Progressive Policy Institute and a former AIPAC spokesman, e-mailed: “It [the speech] was a strong reaffirmation of the US-Israel relationship, and was an important and positive change from his remarks on Thursday. It reflected an important continuity of US policy going back to President Johnson.”

This is the sort of spin that pro-Israel Democrats use to justify voting for Obama. But there is a reality that can’t be avoided. This president once again has proved an apt negotiator on behalf of the Palestinians and a thorn in Israel’s side. Now is a time of choosing for the American Jewish community, for Israel and for Congress. And if Obama should be reelected in 2012 one can only imagine how hostile he will become toward the Jewish state.

And from 2002, here’s an excerpt from Jay Nordlinger’s classic “Carterpalooza” article:

No one quite realizes just how passionately anti-Israel Carter is. William Safire has reported that Cyrus Vance acknowledged that, if he had had a second term, Carter would have sold Israel down the river.

But hey, pay no attention to any of the above; we’re all just playing the roles of “US media mouthpieces,” doing the bidding of the Israeli government:

Andrew Sullivan notes the immediate hysteria and hypothesizes that “it was the Israelis who immediately got their US media mouthpieces to spin the speech as some sort of attack.”

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Update: Much more from Clarice herself at the American Thinker. It’s a “Teutonic shift!”

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