Ed Driscoll

Ron Paul Goes Full Ron Paul—Never Go Full Ron Paul, Man

Ed Morrissey of Hot Air catches Ron Paul on MSNBC and spots Paul blathering that  “I’m afraid we will be in Pakistan trying to occupy that country, and it will probably be very unsuccessful.”

Still though, just as the pacifistic left who applauded bin Laden’s death would, you’d have to commend the president’s chutzpah if he gave it a shot. Or to paraphrase Iowahawk’s T. Coddington Van Voorhees VII character, who in no way resembles David Brooks, David Frum or Christopher Buckley, “Invade Pakistan? As as bloodthirsty warmongering rightwing neocon deathbeast, I must say I do quite like the cut of this Obama fellow’s jib.”

Paul’s freakout on MSNBC brings to mind what James Lileks wrote in 2002 when he spotted a similar riff from Jerry Brown only a year after 9/11:

Later I was passing the TV and saw Jerry Brown debating O’Reilly. Brown’s default facial posture always seems to be android-calm, as if his internal systems are in Sleep mode, waiting for the cursor to move. O’Reilly was quoting a “60 Minutes” story about PLO – Iraq links; Brown responded that since the Saudis fund radical mosques, shouldn’t we invade them?

Thank you! I thought; there’s my column.

“The proper response to this is a big wide grin: capital idea, old chap; why not, indeed? Let’s go! Glad you’re on board. We can liberate those American-born women our craven State department refuses to help; we can take the oil fields, set the pumps on “gush” and flood the world with sweet, cheap crude. We can defund the radical mosques, disband the religious police, and build swingsets in the parks they use for public hand-choppings. As an added bonus, the West will occupy the most holy sites of Islam, so we can photograph, fingerprint, and possibly detain anyone who comes for a pilgrimage. Invade Saudi Arabia? Dude! You are so hard core!”


Bonus Hot Air-style Exit Question: Why do the Pauls go on MSNBC? It rarely works out at all well for either of them.