Ed Driscoll

Think Progress with the Amazing Mystico and Janet

As always, life imitates Monty Python:

Mr Verybigliar: (Michael Palin) Well there is a considerable financial advantage in using the services of El Mystico. A block, like Mystico Point here, (indicating a high-rise block behind him) would normally cost in the region of one-and-a-half million pounds. This was put up for five pounds and thirty bob for Janet.

Voice Over: But the obvious question is are they safe?

(Cut to an architect’s office. The architect at his desk. Behind him on the wall are framed photos of various collapsed buildings. He is a well-dressed authoritative person.)


Architect (Graham Chapman): Of course they’re safe. There’s absolutely no doubt about that. They are as strong, solid and as safe as any other building method in this country provided of course people believe in them.

Think Progress, last week: “Catastrophic Climate: Storms Kill 292 In States Represented By Climate Pollution Deniers.”

And yes once again, the left are rooting for hurricanes. Fire make sky gods angry!

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