Ed Driscoll

Welcome DirecTV Viewers to Silicon Graffiti!

Well, sort of — DirecTV has recently added an interface to their HD-DVR set-top boxes that allows customers to search for content not just on the to-be-expected DirecTV channels, but on YouTube as well. So it was quite amusing to search on “Silicon Graffiti” and watch episodes of my video blog on the big screen. There’s some pixelation of course, but the videos uploaded in 16X9 720P hold up reasonably well, particularly if the only motion is a talking head. (In other words, watching a bootleg copy of Star Wars somebody uploaded to YouTube on your 55-inch TV, versus watching the HD version that the Spike channel shows from time to time, will likely be a disappointing experience, to say the least.)

20 years ago, the buzzword in home theater was convergence — with technology such as this, and Amazon’s recent MP3-cloud player thingee (if you’ll pardon the technical jargon) it’s increasingly a reality.