Ed Driscoll

'Sources: Flight From Philadelphia Struck By Stray Bullet'

According to KYW Newsradio, the Philadelphia affiliate of CBS’s news radio division, “a stray bullet” struck the rear of a US Airways Boeing 737-400 as it was landing in Charlotte after taking off from Philadelphia:

A pilot making a pre-flight inspection during a lay-over discovered the hole towards the rear of the aircraft.“He noticed a small hole in the exterior of the fuselage towards the rear of the aircraft,” said US Airways spokeswoman Liz Landau.

Landau said the Boeing 737 arrived at Charlotte from Philadelphia. She said there were no apparent problems during the flight.

“We took the aircraft out of service to do a maintenance check with our maintenance team, and we’re working with the appropriate authorities, including the FBI in the investigation,” Landau said.

Officials say the hole was visible on the outside of the plane, but it did not go through into the cabin.

Sources say the plane was not the target of terrorism, and investigators have reviewed security footage.

Can’t the MSM cut to the chase and blame this incident on a lone-nut radical rightwing fringe tea party member incensed by the passage of ObamaCare? It makes the newscycle so much faster that way.