Hoop Screams: Delaware's Strange Anti-Basketball Jones

Change! In the 1990s, in Bill Clinton’s America, “Midnight Basketball” was seen as one way to improve the morale of otherwise disaffected youth, and thus, potentially lower the crime rate in urban environments.


In 2011, in Joe Biden’s Delaware, neighborhood basketball hoops are being tossed into giant state-owned dump trucks because

John McCafferty, 46, said the pole has been on the property since the 1950s, long before the Clear Zone law was enacted, and that he believes it is exempted from the law.

In any event, McCafferty said, the basketball hoop sits in a quiet cul-de-sac with little traffic and has never been a source of contention until now.

“It’s been there for 61 years, and it’s created no problem until this year,” he said.

The McCaffertys said they and other residents believe the controversy stems from an anonymous complaint from an elderly neighbor upset about having to slow down for kids playing in the neighborhood.

“This is obnoxious,” he said.

It certainly makes for a harrowing video of the nanny state run amok:

[youtube k0ZZHGO5sXw]

Update: Welcome to those readers clicking in from Emily Esfahani Smith’s post at Glenn Beck’s The Blaze; feel free to look around, there’s much here you might enjoy.


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