'Looking at the Beeb'

Jay Nordlinger on Bias at the BBC:

Impromptus today is a “London journal” — Part I. I talk a little about the BBC, that source of perpetual heartache and outrage. A reader writes, “Because of their Middle East coverage, I refer to them as ‘HaBibiC.’” Made me laugh. It also reminded me of that recent O’Keefe sting: The guys, those “Muslim Brothers,” say that they once called NPR “National Palestinian Radio.” The NPR execs laugh appreciatively, with one saying how much she likes the nickname.

Our reader further writes, “The people who claim to be feminist and pro-gay” — i.e., the crew at the BBC — “oppose the one country in the Middle East that does not subjugate women and persecute gays. What does that tell you?” Plenty.


But of course, exactly like NPR, the BBC doesn’t consider themselves biased, even when shenanigans such as this are reported by former staffers there:

[youtube OY4umBmJHjg]


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