Ed Driscoll

Sad News from NFL Films

“Steve Sabol has brain tumor,” Yahoo reports:

NFL Films president Steve Sabol will undergo radiation and chemotherapy treatment after doctors discovered a tumor on the left side of his brain.

NFL.com cites an NFL Films statement Friday about the 68-year-old Sabol, who was hospitalized March 5 in Kansas City, Mo., after suffering a seizure.

“(Sabol) will begin treatments soon,” the company’s statement said. “Steve is in good spirits and is deeply appreciative of everyone’s good wishes.”

Sabol has worked with NFL Films since 1964. His father, Ed, was elected on the day before the Super Bowl last month to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio.

I interviewed Sabol in 2003 for Tech Central Station and Videomaker magazine, and I certainly hope he recovers quickly from this.

The “Lost Treasures” series he hosted for ESPN at the start of the previous decade is online at Hulu, and well-worth watching; it’s simultaneously a history of NFL Films, a master-class in documentary making, and a look at a bygone era in football — and in many ways, America itself.

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